Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Much Sewing

I have not been doing much sewing at all on this trip. I usually spend every evening sewing at the table, but not this time. Mr. LQ and I have been playing Cribbage a good bit. Good to spend time together.

When I have been sewing, I've been putting together my jeans rag quilt for my daughter. She collected all the jeans for me, and asked very nicely. So I agreed. I am putting the last row on, and it won't go for me. I got so frustrated with it, I put it away that evening, and haven't gotten back to  it. It is nagging me tho.

I think I am being eaten up with fire ants, or something. I've had itchy legs, after walking across expanses of open areas. I did see some tiny critters crawling on me once. Now I'm putting Ben-Gay cream on the bites to take out the sting. Also works for mosquito bites. But you smell minty fresh for a long time after. And DON'T touch anywhere near your eyes!!!!


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