Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tree Cutting

We were treated to first-row seats to a tree cutting. There was a 100 foot tall tree next to the trailer behind us. It had a rotten spot that they were afraid would make the tree fall on a trailer in a storm.

And you can see how close it is to the car port awning there.

I was glad the guy up in the tree had on a red shirt--made him easier to see! He's in his 60s (old, huh? Uh, NO), and we wondered if he's ever had a tree accident. We pulled up our ring side seats and enjoyed the show. I sure wouldn't want to clamber up there. The tree was shaking while he was doing some of the work. No thanks!


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Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Is that your camper under the tree? Wow, it looks really close. . . I trust no campers, boats or car ports were damaged in the removal of the tree? Does make for some good suspense on a sunny day :)

PS, that was Glide thread and I'm using it in my current quilt - LOVE!!