Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Home a Lot Now

I should be home a lot more now, so can blog more frequently.

I finished a blue jean rag quilt for my daughter. She collected all their jeans, and I did all the work. Hmmmm... Some how this doesn't seem fair! I should have had her do the cutting. That was the hardest part. I did use the AccuQuilt to cut some of the 5" squares after I got it. And I used flannel charm squares.

I spent two evenings cutting the slits in the seam allowances. I'm glad I got a snippers just for that, because it was quite a job. I can just imagine what t would have been like with a regular scissors.

[Here's an interesting question: Is scissors a singular word, or plural? So you say, "The scissors were open" or "The scissors was open"? At least I think it's interesting. I'm a word freak.]

I washed and dried the jean quilt. So much lint!!! I took it outside and shook it out, had tons on my chair, on me, etc. Maybe the birds will use some for nesting materials? If I see any little birds with blue jeans on, I'll know, and will report it here.

I do like the way it has "bloomed." The ragginess looks almost like a ruffle.

And a Happy St. Patty's Day to you!


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Catherine said...

The exposed fluffy seams are really attractive. It has turned out so well. Are you home again now?