Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spray Basting

Someone posted a tutorial on spray basting on your ironing board. It looked like a good idea--the ironing board is up vs. setting up my 6-foot buffet tables, I wouldn't have to drag everything to the basement, vs. right there in my sewing "studio."

I used this technique to baste Melons and Creamsicles and thought it was great. You lay your batting centered on your ironing board and center your backing on top. Fold back backing and spray lightly on backing. Fold it back over and press it to the batting. Move to new area and repeat. Boy, does it look fine after the pressing.

Then I tried it for a queen-size quilt. Not so great. Just too much quilt to process. Whoever it was who posted this said she does queen quilts with this method. (Sure wish I knew who it was who posted this so I could check back on the method, and give attribution.) I ended up with wrinkles all over, and puffy parts. Not happy.

Got out my 6-foot tables anyway, and took things apart. I was able to get rid of the wrinkles and re-iron it down. I really like spray basting because I don't have to quilt over to where the next pin is and remove that. All of the quilt is attached, not wiggling around between pins.

I got overspray on my carpet. Think I can just use some carpet cleaner on that part to remove it? Lots of threads sticking to my slippers now too.

I uses 505 Spray, What do you use?

Sorry, no pictures today. Should I take a pic of the 505?



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have tried spray basting two times on smaller items and do not like it. Maybe I used too much spray but just did not like it. Sticky, wrinkles, took a lot of time to get the wrinkles out - one project feels stiff even after washing it now about 4 or 5 times since it has been quilted (the picnic quilt) well not use it again. Good luck

barbara woods said...

i love it , use my bed most of the time and then mop the floor afterward. I make queen sized so no spray on the bed

Cheryl said...

Hi Lin, I use 505 and love it. What I do is take my backing outside, spray it and bring it back inside (so I don't have to worry about overspray). I pin the backing to my rug, them lay out the batting on top and then place my 505 sprayed top on. I don't have any tables so I have use my floor.

Beatrice said...

You wrote:"Fold back backing and spray lightly on backing. Fold it back over and press it to the batting"
Do you actually press with an iron at that stage? I don't. I think the 505 is not meant to be "heat activated" so to speak. I was also taught to spray the batting, not the fabric. But I only spray baste small items, not quilts.
PS I've come from Meadow mist Designs!