Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mr. LQ

My husband and I had a really nice day together on Saturday. We went to look at some motor homes, then went to a golf store, then out to eat. First, the motor homes: Our dealer has just started carrying the Monarch line of motor homes. The ones we toured were $600,000+. I can hardly believe it! Of course, they were thoroughly luxurious! Remote controls for everything! They even had dishwashers! That's really roughing it, eh? But if you were going to use it for full timing, you'd want all the amenities from home.

Then the golf store: I wanted to look at women's golf clothes. The cheapest jacket I saw was $60. I refuse to pay that much for clothes.

So far, we haven't spent any money! Success so far!

Then we went to lunch. We like to try different ethnic restaurants. We passed a Persian restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI that looked inviting, and interesting. I can't remember what we had, and certainly can't pronounce it, but it was soooo good! A stew-like dish. Mr. LQ, ever dapper and suave, said to me, "Can you remember the last time we had a meal this good?" What's this? He doesn't think my Hamburger Helper can compare? huh!

Man hiding his face


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