Friday, August 22, 2014


No pictures today, so stop reading if you're looking for pics!

As I look around now, I see no one stayed! (sigh)

I am at AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. Having a great time. Wednesday, I took an all-day class from Sue Nickels on feather design. Thursday I took a class from Jamie Wallen on Thread Fusion. We worked on long arms today, first time for me on a stand up long arm. A very different feel from my sit down long arm. I had thought it might be easier, based on some Craftsy classes and U Tubes I've seen, to move a long arm smoothly. Well, I was comparing apples and oranges. A pro vs. me. I had some pretty wiggly lines. But, all-in-all, I think I did pretty well for my first time on a long arm.

Friday I'm taking a class from Joanie Poole on Circular Free Motion Fun, and Saturday from her again, on The Great Outdoors-EAsy Free Motion Fillers. You'll notice all my classes this year are on free motion quilting. Something I want to improve on.

On Friday, I'm also having a great bit of fun! My Supernova partner, Pam, is coming to the show to meet up! Hope we recognize each other from our blog pictures! So excited about this!

I'll have lots of pics to post from the show soon. Just not yet. Keep you in suspense!



Gina said...

I stayed. Us Welsh are nosey so and so's. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. That's a great class list you are taking. Enjoy the rest of the show xxx

Sarah Fredette said...

I must have a defiant streak for staying. :D That's so great you get to meet your supernova partner!!! And I can't wait to see how you put all this FMQ instruction to use!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

I'm so jealous of your classes! I hope you enjoy them and learn a lot. Can't wait to see the pics ;)

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Awesome! My mother, aunt, and surrogate grandmother are there as well. I hope you have a great time with Pam and enjoy those classes! :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun!